Sign Ups For 2009 Soccer Season

Spots are filling up fast!!

  • 07/15/09 5:30pm-7:30pm
  • 07/16/09 5:30pm-7:30pm

all are at Schabarum park.

What do I have to bring to Registration?
If you are a NEW player, you must bring a Birth Certificate or Passport as identification/proof of age. If you are a returning player, returning to U6 thru U14, you do not have to bring anything extra to Registration. If you are U16 thru U19, you need to bring a CURRENT PHOTO (1 x 1.5 inches) of your child. These teams travel to other cities in the AREA and are required to have Player ID cards. This regulation is strictly enforced and is required under AYSO National Guidelines.

Can I register my child on the Internet?
You can pre-register your child on the Internet at You must print two (2) copies of the registration form, sign both copies, and bring them (in person) to one of the registration sessions to pay the registration fee. An Express Lane will be by provided to expedite pre-registered players.

How do I know which Division my child will be in?
The Division is determined by your child's age as of 7/31/2008. So, if your child is 9 on 7/31/2008, he/she will be assigned to the U10 (under 10 years old) Division. If he/she is 13 on that date, they will play with the U14.

What if my child wants to play up a level?
Players will be assigned to a division based on their age as of 7/31/08.

Can my child 'play down' in a division below their age group?
No. The National Rules and Regulations do not allow a player to 'play down' a division in AYSO.

What about teams, games and practices?
Players are divider into teams by age. We do not honor special request for players to be assigned to a particular coach. Games for divisions U5 - U12 all play Saturday games at Schabarum Soccer Complex. Games for divisions U14- U19 may travel to other cities in our area. Practice locations and times are determined by the team coach. Generally practices are twice a week.

What can I do to ensure that my child has a positive experience in youth soccer?
Become involved in the program. AYSO is a 100% VOLUNTEER organization. Without Volunteers, we don't have a program. We need POSITIVE coaches, referees, team managers / parents, people to line the fields and maintain (paint) those lines, week in and week out, volunteers to run the snack bar, fundraising, photo day, etc. etc. etc. GET INVOLVED....BE A VOLUNTEER.

Do I have to volunteer?
We ask each family to volunteer in some way so think about what you would like to do to help this season. The more volunteers we have, the less each person has to do to help the program succeed.

What if my child will not play and I need a refund?
You may receive a full refund if your child has not received a uniform and before the games begin

AYSO Training
Phone: message only (909) 979-8500
Refund Request Form
Field & Maps
Schabarum Soccer Complex
Alvarado Intermediate School

All forms are in PDF

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Kids ZoneKids Zone

In recent months, the national media has focused on the negative, even violent, behavior of players, coaches and parents involved in youth sports. In a proactive effort to counteract this trend of violence, AYSO is initiating a program called Kids Zone.

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